“We’ve tried the politics of division and anger for too long, let us seek unity and love for the sake of our common humanity.”~ Teddy Fikre


Teddy’s Story.

A hard working father, an accomplished IT Project Manager with an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, Teddy cares deeply about inclusive justice and implementing policies that restore fairness in America and enacting laws that are rooted in love. Learn more about Teddy and his vision for Virginia.


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Fikre for Virginia: A Congressional Campaign Unlike Any Other
When I first thought about running for US Congress to represent Virginia’s 8th Congressional District about eight months ago, I knew from the outset how much the odds were stacked against me. I had …
Redeeming the Soul of Our Democracy by Valuing Our Common Humanity
https://youtu.be/74GWI29CIak When Teddy decided to run for Congress, he underscored from the very outset that his objective was not to become a politician but to turn politics on its head by campaigning to change …
Inflection Point: What I’ve Learned Since Declaring My Candidacy for Congress
When I decided to run for Congress five months ago, I knew from the outset that I did not want to run a conventional campaign but to try something altogether different. The last thing …
Big Campaign Developments: A Tiny Ripple of Hope Starts to Gain Momentum
When Teddy Fikre decided to run for Congress a few months ago, the odds of qualifying for the ballot let alone fielding a viable campaign seemed like an impossible aspiration. After all, it takes …
A Most Unconventional Congressional Campaign: This is How Authentic Change Happens
When I decided to run for Congress nearly four months ago, I understood full well how difficult the path before me was. Let alone fielding a competitive campaign, gathering the 1,000 signatures of voters …
Declaring Our Independence: It’s Time to Have a Congress that Actually Represents Us
On this day we celebrate the birth of our Republic, we would do well to remember the intentions of the founders when they declared America’s independence and formed a government that was supposed to …