Big News! Ballotpedia Just Listed Teddy Fikre as a Congressional Candidate

Yesterday evening, our authentically grassroots campaign was given a major boost when Ballotpedia, the number one source for tracking American electoral activity, listed Teddy Fikre as a candidate for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. In fact, Teddy is the first candidate to be listed for the November elections that promises to be a referendum on the negligence of both major political parties.

This is a huge development, running as an independent while refusing to take a penny from corporations is akin to disarming in a political process that has been hijacked by the bribes and kickbacks of multinational corporations and globalist oligarchs. Teddy is challenging the incumbent Representative Don Beyer whose net-worth is north of $123 million and an entrenched insider who can leverage his political and media connections to marginalize any and all opponents.

While the odds of winning seem insurmountable, Teddy believes that the energy of a united people can more than overcome the wealth supremacy of privileged politicians. Like David challenging Goliath, the impossible can become a reality with hard-work, a message that brings people together and a faith that Virginians will vote based on the merits of ideas instead of being captive to the accumulation of inherited wealth by career politicians.

Our challenge is to get our message heard by more people. Every day, Teddy is talking to constituents while gathering the 1,000 signatures required to be listed on ballots and getting to know the pains and hopes of Virginians in Alexandria, Arlington and South Fairfax. We also started taking contributions two weeks ago from individuals in Virginia and throughout America who are fed up with the status quo. Being included on Ballotpedia is a big milestone as it gives our campaign of, for and by the people additional credibility and a wider reach to voters in our district.