Congressional Candidate Teddy Fikre Invites Fellow Candidates Beyer and Lipsman to Biweekly Debates

Dear Representative Beyer and Candidate Lipsman

Let me first congratulate both of you for winning your primaries and becoming the nominees of your respective parties. As I am finding out given that this is my first time running for political office, throwing one’s hat in the ring and accepting the challenge on such a public platform is far from a path strewn with rose petals.

Now that you have emerged as winners, it is time to pivot to the next phase and focus on ensuring that voters in the 8th Congressional District have as much access to all the candidates and making certain that the issues they care about are fully heard. Though I look forward to taking part in formal debates and accept Ms. Lipsman’s offer to debate five times between now and November 8th, I believe our constituents would benefit if they are able to meet us and ask questions on a more frequent basis.

To this end, I am extending an offer to both of you to have biweekly town halls between now and election day at various coffee shops, small businesses and outdoor venues in our district in order to field questions from audience members and to debate one another on issues ranging from inflation, education, the safety and wellness of our children and any other topic that is raised by people in attendance or by the candidates.

As you well know, our constituents are highly informed, deeply moved by equity and inclusion and deeply motivated to contribute to society. Consequently, they should not be treated as detached observers in our political process, their voices should be an integral part of the political process instead of debating behind closed doors with limited participation. We need to work harder to invite more Virginians to take part in the electoral process, we can take a step towards this direction by making ourselves available to them as much as possible.

The question of when and where to debate should not be based on a strategy of which candidate is up and who is down at any given moment, voters deserve to “lift the hood and kick the tires” so that they can make a fully informed decision on November 8th. I am ready and willing to meet you at a moment’s notice to have Lincoln/Douglas-type debates and conversations that will prove to voters that we are not out to divide but to coalesce around ideas.

I look forward to hearing back from you, I can be reached directly at 703.585.6357 or emailed at [email protected]. Our country is facing a crucial test, we are at a crossroads and Virginians are looking toward elected leaders for direction so can move our country away from anger and antipathy and towards a common purpose based on our common humanity. It is time for us to rise up to meet the challenge by trying innovative approaches to elections instead of being wedded to the status quo, I hope you agree.

Yours in Service

Teddy Fikre
US House of Representatives Candidate
Virginia’s 8th Congressional District