Declaring Our Independence: It’s Time to Have a Congress that Actually Represents Us

On this day we celebrate the birth of our Republic, we would do well to remember the intentions of the founders when they declared America’s independence and formed a government that was supposed to be of, for and by the people.

Sadly, we have strayed far from their vision of a representative democracy as our nation’s capital has become a gathering place for grifters and opportunists who pretend to speak for us while stuffing cash in their pockets from the very sources of injustice they pretend to rage against on social media. The approval rating for Congress is hovering around 15% for a reason; Democrats and Republicans are working hand-in-hand to fleece the burdened 99% in order to enrich their neo-feudal patrons.

The only chance that we have to pull our country out of the tailspin that it have been in for decades and reclaim our government from moneyed interests and globalist oligarchs is by rejecting both parties and turning towards independents who are not a party to the rank corruption that is taking place in DC. It has become painfully clear that millionaires working for billionaires have zero interest in representing us; their job is to gaslight us and condition us to bicker while the vast majority of us are being bracketed by uncertainties and financial anxieties.

This is precisely why I am running for the US House of Representatives as an independent in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. My opponent and I offer a stark choice between the status quo and authentic change. Incumbent Donald Beyer is a man who inherited a vast fortune from his dad and is currently worth over $124,000,000. On the other hand, the only thing I inherited from my father was his work ethic as I worked my way through college and currently holding down two jobs to make ends meet. This is not something I am afraid to share, this is the new normal for too many Americans where multiple jobs cannot keep up with the multiplying costs of living.

So the question to my constituents in Virginia and really all Americans is simple, who represents your life, a wealthy aristocrat who “feels your pain” from a distance or a working father who lives your reality? I plan on pressing this case forcefully over the coming months, I’ve had enough of talking points lacking substance and “us versus them” rhetoric that does nothing to advance justice and everything to perpetuate the status quo as I note in my latest interview below.

If you feel the same, I hope you take the time to follow my campaign, listen to my ideas and consider supporting me so that “we the people” can finally have one seat at the table in DC.