EVENT ALERT: Teddy Fikre to Take Part in a Meet the Candidate Forum at Busboys and Poets on Tuesday, June 21st

Teddy Fikre, a US House of Representatives candidate in the 8th Congressional District running as an independent, will be featured Tuesday, June 21st at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, Virginia. On the very same day the Democratic primary is being held, Teddy will take part in his first “town hall” style event where constituents will have a chance to hear where he stands on the issues and ask him questions without any restrictions.

What looked like an impossible path to Congress is slowly becoming plausible with each passing day. History has not been kind to independent candidates, especially those who disavow corporate contributions. Yet Teddy believed all along that voters in the 8th Congressional District and Americans writ large are yearning for an authentic alternative to the two major political parties that are being roundly rejected by the majority of Americans.

The choice will become very clear once the votes are counted and the winner is announced tomorrow afternoon. As Teddy notes, tomorrow is a mere formality because Donald Beyer will win in a cakewalk. Incumbents rarely lose general elections let alone face defeat in primaries where money and political connections are more important than merit and ideas.

Voters in Alexandria, Virginia and South Fairfax will be choosing between an uber-privileged politician who inherited his fortunes from his dad and who is worth over $124 million dollars and a first-generation immigrant who worked his way through George Mason University and attained an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, became a highly successful IT Project Manager and yet is currently driving Uber to make ends meet.  

The question is, who better represents the electorate in an environment where the uber-wealthy are living like royalty while the rest of us are feeling the anxieties of paupers.  This is precisely why Teddy always notes that “millionaires working for billionaires is not working for us, it’s time we work for ourselves”.

This is the message that Teddy will be delivering tomorrow at Busboys and Poets located at 4521 Campbell Ave. Arlington, VA. The “meet the candidate” forum will start at 7:00 PM and is free to the public. Media interviews will be arranged upon request, please email [email protected] to request press passes.

Teddy Fikre can be reached directly at 703.585.6357 or emailed at teddy@Fikre4VA.com