Fikre for Virginia Staff

Our staff is not made up of high-priced DC consultants or political insiders, we are a campaign comprised of dedicated community advocates who believe strongly in inclusive prosperity and restoring the American dream for the poor, working class, middle class and small business owners. If you are interested in joining our authentically grassroots campaign in order to deliver the type of change that will benefit all instead of enhancing the fortunes of few, email us at with subject line “I’m in”.

The only way we can reclaim our government and preserve our collective interests is by matching the money of billionaires and multinational corporations with the determination and solidarity of We the People, this is precisely why Teddy Fikre is running for US Congress as an independent while refusing to take a penny from corporations. Teddy is asking you to join our campaign in order to fundamentally disturb the status quo.

Luam Tesfaye – Organizing Manager

Luam is an IT professional for over 15 years who has succeeded in helping agencies throughout the National Capital Region meet their IT business needs and succeed in achieving their missions. As successful as she has been in her field, Luam’s true passion has always been serving the American people and standing up for inclusive justice. She is determined to ensure that the American dream is not just for few but for all Americans. 

AlIstair Watson – Outreach Manager

Alistair is a native of Arlington and is committed to effective and ethical politics. Too often, people are not reached out to, policies are too extreme, and the root causes are not addressed. As Alistair notes, that is because politicians care more about getting re-elected and raising money than taking on hard solutions. That is why he joined our campaign, he believes that the solutions are out there but are obstructed behind a wall of special interests blocking them. Alistair will utilize his outreach and networking skills in order to broaden the reach of our message and include more people in our truly grassroots campaign.


Justin Boatner – Disability Rights Manager

Justin has been a disability rights activist for about. He started off as a volunteer in 2020 as he worked tirelessly to champion disability rights and ensure that the needs of an underserved community are being addressed. Over the past three years, he has worked with multiple campaigns as he advised candidates on disability rights and helped to author policies on that front. Justin is proof that physical impediments are not limitations as he fiercely advocates for the rights of veterans, children and countless constituents throughout the 8th Congressional