Issues: Securing America by Unburdening Families

We cannot secure America’s future if families are feeling insecure, only by alleviating the burdens borne by households can we restore America’s promise.  

Key Points:

  • Recognize the invaluable role women play in a healthy society by ensuring they are paid according to their merit instead of being penalized based on their gender
  • Acknowledge the importance, in fact and in law, of fathers in the family structure and how their presence is integral in the raising of children
  • Alleviate the distresses borne by parents by addressing the runaway cost of childcare, healthcare and education
  • Place the needs of Main Street above the demands of Wall Street and reset our national priority to restoring our shattered connection to fellow men and women who live in our communities
  • Redirect our energies to building locally knowing that it takes a village to raise children and understanding that the plight of one impacts the lives of all
  • Instead of giving billionaires preferential treatment by allowing them to use loopholes to pay zero taxes, remove the onerous tax burdens placed on workers and small businesses owners

I fully appreciate the limitations of government; I am not proposing to expand the already oversized influence of DC in our lives. Some of the most pressing issues of our time cannot be addressed through legislation, to the contrary what we need is for Federal bureaucracies to stop imposing in our lives so that we can arrive at solutions in the communities where we live. Democrats and Republicans have given us decades of corporate paternalism only for their solutions to give us more problems—we need self-determination now more than ever.

To this end, the issues I outlined above are not so much dictates to be enacted in DC but a transformation of our hearts and minds that is desperately needed in America. My job as a Congressman, shall my fellow Virginians in the 8th Congressional District entrust me to represent them, is two-fold: advocate for legislation that will benefit all Americans and lead conversations with the aim of changing the tone and tenor of our national priorities.

The status quo remains unchanged because entrenched interests have cunningly and successfully rebranded any movement towards fair treatment of employees and entrepreneurs that threatens the preferential treatment enjoyed by multinational corporations and their billionaire owners as “un-American” and “class warfare”. The reality is that there has been an ongoing economic warfare against workers and small-business owners for decades, there is nothing as un-American as decimating the very Americans who are sustaining this country every day with our sweat and tears.

By treasuring We the People instead of furthering the treasures of the global oligarchy who are using their wealth to eliminate competition and monopolizing markets, we can restore the American dream and ensure equality of opportunity for all. To do so, we must marshal our energies and resources to relieve the economic anxieties countless millions of families are enduring daily. We don’t need handouts, we just need DC and corporations who own the vast majority of politicians working there to stop burdening us so we can take care of ourselves.

We cannot secure America’s future if families are feeling insecure.