Teddy Fikre on the Issues that Matter to US

Talk is meaningless, now is our moment to act on pressing matters that confront all Americans so we can hand our children a future of hope and equality of opportunities for all.

Reorient America’s Economy to Empower We the People

  • Alleviate the economic burdens that are placed on the backs of workers and small businesses by allowing Americans to keep more of our earnings
  • Ensure multinational corporations and their billionaire owners pay their fair share of taxes to have access to American consumers
  • Incentivize innovation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans by cutting red tape and reducing onerous regulations that benefit Wall Street conglomerations and harm mom and pop shops
  • Revitalize our communities by empowering individuals to make decisions locally instead of imposing rules and restrictions from DC politicians and unaccountable bureaucrats

PayCan: Let Workers and Small Businesses Pay Zero Taxes Like Billionaires
  • Stop punishing workers and small businesses by choking up wealth to the global oligarchy and socializing poverty for the rest of us
  • Unburden the working, middle and upper-middle-class by making taxes voluntary and allowing Americans to contribute to our nation’s wellbeing as they are able
  • Alleviate poverty by allowing Americans to keep their earnings locally which will create more jobs that pay livable wages
  • Make taxes compulsory only above $10 million at 50% on all future earnings that escalates to 90% on all future earnings above $100 million to prevent hoarding and incentivize innovation
  • Treat all earnings—in the form of paychecks, equity, dividend or deferred payments—as equal instead of rewarding institutional investors like BlackRock by gouging wages and salaries
  • Small businesses and private companies likewise qualify under the PayCan initiative but publicly traded corporations will pay the top tax rate of 50% on all future revenues above $100 million

Securing America by Unburdening Families
  • Recognize the invaluable role women play in a healthy society by ensuring they are paid according to their merit instead of being penalized based on their gender
  • Acknowledge the importance, in fact and in law, of fathers in the family structure and how their presence is integral in the raising of children
  • Alleviate the distresses borne by parents by addressing the runaway cost of childcare, healthcare and education
  • Place the needs of Main Street above the demands of Wall Street and reset our national priority to restoring our shattered connection to fellow men and women who live in our communities
  • Redirect our energies to building locally knowing that it takes a village to raise children and understanding that the plight of one impacts the lives of all
  • Instead of giving billionaires preferential treatment by allowing them to use loopholes to pay zero taxes, remove the onerous tax burdens placed on workers and small businesses owners

Invest in Students Instead of Indenturing Them with Debt
  • Immediately forgive all student loans, if we can reward billionaire bankers who crashed our economy in 2008, we can afford to give a jubilee to graduates
  • Take profits out of higher education by only giving federal money to institutions that are non-profit and are not affiliated with publicly traded corporations
  • Redirect the trillions of dollars we waste enriching special interests and the military-industrial complex and invest those savings into students by covering 100% of tuition
  • Implementing PayCan where Americans pay taxes as they are able and busting outsized mega-corporations will incentivize more entrepreneurs to launch small businesses

No More Interventionism, Let’s Rebuild America
  • Declaring war for the sake of peace only creates strife which is the breeding ground of extremism
  • Endless wars are great for Wall Street and war profiteers but a stain on the fabric of our nation
  • The FY2023 DoD budget request is more than $773 billion, when the budget for the intel community and covert programs are added, that figure tops more than $2 trillion
  • We should invest in our military to ensure the defense of America but we must stop meddling in the affairs of other countries
  • The United States is on fire as economic inequalities and runaway inflation are indenturing Americans, we must stop playing fireman to the world and tend to the infernos at home
  • Instead of spending billions on weapons programs and neglecting veterans once they return from immoral wars of choice, let us reinvest in the American people
  • Stop imposing our beliefs on other countries and policing morality globally, it’s time to live our creed and actually practice democracy here in America by taking power back from the duopoly