On Foreign Policy: No More Interventionism, Let’s Rebuild America

America has been in a continuous state of war for more than seven decades as Democrats and Republicans keep waging covert and overt campaigns to the benefit of the military-financial complex and to the detriment of the United States. It is time to listen to the will of an overwhelming majority of Americans and say no more to interventionism.

Key Points

  • Declaring war for the sake of peace only creates strife which is the breeding ground of extremism
  • Endless wars are great for Wall Street and war profiteers but a stain on the fabric of our nation
  • The FY2023 DoD budget request is more than $773 billion, when the budget for the intel community and covert programs are added, that figure tops more than $2 trillion
  • We should invest in our military to ensure the defense of America but we must stop meddling in the affairs of other countries
  • The United States is on fire as economic inequalities and runaway inflation are indenturing Americans, we must stop playing fireman to the world and tend to the infernos at home
  • Instead of spending billions on weapons programs and neglecting veterans once they return from immoral wars of choice, let us reinvest in the American people
  • Stop imposing our beliefs on other countries and policing morality globally, it’s time to live our creed and actually practice democracy here in America by taking power back from the duopoly


A single AGM anti-radiation missile costs $6.14 million. Think about that for a minute, that is enough money to purchase roughly 200 tiny homes. We could eliminate homelessness in America if we were as determined to eradicate poverty as we are to bomb and occupy countries throughout the world. We have enough problems in America, we should focus our attention on our crumbling infrastructure, tending to the record number of homeless people teeming in towns and a mind-boggling wealth gap that has turned the American dream into a waking nightmare for the working class, middle class and small businesses.

Consider this horrific yet avoidable fact, every 72 minutes, a veteran commits suicide in America. This is a direct result of our government’s infatuation with wars of choice. We send our bravest overseas to be broken by wars only to neglect them when they return home. To a lesser extent, the same neglect is being heaped on the vast majority of Americans as We the People are forced to fund adventurism overseas while being saddled with onerous taxes and ravaged by skyrocketing prices. Billions for Raytheon, Boeing and Northrop Grumman while the rest of us are told to eat cake.

We must stop allowing the global oligarchy from waving flags and leveraging patriotism to enrich themselves while impoverishing humanity.

If the return on investment for the trillions we spend perpetuating wars and arming extremists throughout the world was peace, at least feel good about interventionism. To the contrary, warmongering is creating more problems than it is solving. Sanctions are immoral because they hurt the people and empower dictators. Bombing and destabilizing societies by flooding countries with arms only lead to more body count and do nothing to advance the cause of peace. Weaponizing AID is unconscionable because it punishes the most vulnerable while fostering rampant corruption.

The answer is to stop imposing our views and focus on reviving America. Let us heed the advice of George Washington who warned about the perils of policing the world. We are the land of the free, let us live up to this creed by respecting the autonomy of other countries. More importantly, it is time to reclaim our sovereignty by liberating ourselves from the globalist oligarch agenda and chart a course towards empowering workers, encouraging entrepreneurs and ensuring equality of opportunity for all Americans.

Watch the video below that I recorded in front of the White House and discussed the immorality of declaring wars of choice while allowing homelessness to multiply throughout America including right next to the White House. The topic of homelessness, especially homeless veterans, is one that hits very close to home given my experience with two and a half years of living in shelters. I pray, for the sake of our conscience and our continued viability as a nation, that we finally say war no more and embrace peace for the sake of collective prosperity.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower