Redeeming the Soul of Our Democracy by Valuing Our Common Humanity

When Teddy decided to run for Congress, he underscored from the very outset that his objective was not to become a politician but to turn politics on its head by campaigning to change the vulgar coarseness that has come to define our public discourse. In his latest video, Teddy details his journey from being blinded by partisanship to seeking unity that transcends our differences.

Our country, and humanity writ large, is headed towards a very treacherous path, one that could easily lead to social upheaval and destabilize the United States in ways that would unleash unthinkable strife and suffering. The only way we can course correct and make progress towards shared prosperity and inclusive justice is to create a sense of common purpose by realizing the connective nature of injustices that is impacting the vast majority.

Teddy is releasing this video in advance of the Arlington Civic Federation that will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 PM EST. You can view the event online by registering in advance. For too long, we have sought justice through the prism of tribal politics only to stray further away from solutions, Teddy makes a forceful case for a new path forward in this video below. If Teddy’s message resonates with you, we strongly encourage you to share this write up, post the YouTube video on social media and be a part of an authentically grass-roots campaign that aims to restore representation in DC by seeking empathy and unity instead of inciting emotions.