Reorient America’s Economy to Empower We the People

For too long, Democrats and Republicans in DC have made it their central mission to enrich multinational corporations and their billionaire patrons at the cost of the people. The “bottom 99%”, as we are called, are being ground into dust while the wealthiest few are living like sultans. It is time to restore fairness and ensure equality of opportunity for all in America.

Key Points:

  • Alleviate the economic burdens that are placed on the backs of workers and small businesses by allowing Americans to keep more of our earnings
  • Ensure multinational corporations and their billionaire owners pay their fair share of taxes to have access to American consumers
  • Incentivize innovation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans by cutting red tape and reducing onerous regulations that benefit Wall Street conglomerations and harm mom and pop shops
  • Revitalize our communities by empowering individuals to make decisions locally instead of imposing rules and restrictions from DC politicians and unaccountable bureaucrats


We can no longer afford to indenture Americans with excessive debt and making life difficult for workers and small businesses to benefit multinational corporations and their gilded owners. The discredited policy of trickle-down economics, which both Democrats and Republicans are practitioners of, is decimating Main Street as it enhances the fortunes of Wall Street. We have been sold a bill of goods and conditioned to believe that globalism would eradicate poverty when in reality it is slowly sinking the working and middle-class into financial insolvency.

If we are to salvage the American dream and restore hope for our country, we must prioritize the needs of employees and entrepreneurs instead of catering to the whims of plutocrats. The incontrovertible truth is that big corporations like Walmart, Amazon and McDonald’s are not job creators but job destroyers. Instead of giving them preferential treatment to plunder communities by decimating mom and pop shops and turning people into low-wage workers, we must unburden entrepreneurs so they can start small businesses and compete in a truly open and fair marketplace.

Multinational corporations have been weaponizing their wealth and leveraging their size and scale to influence legislation and forcing local, state and the Federal government to pass regulations that inhibit small businesses and benefit Fortune 500 companies. Doing so requires:

  • Restoring fairness in taxes eliminating compulsory and punitive taxes and going to a PayCan model where Americans pay Federal taxes as they are able
  • Stop racing to the bottom by giving Wall Street corporations sweetheart deals under false the premise that they will relocate because American consumers are coveted and if they leave, small businesses will step in and meet demands
  • Decentralize power so that money and control is not consolidated at the Federal and corporate level and instead empower people to make decisions locally and reinvest in their communities
  • Stop outsourcing our jobs overseas and insourcing products from foreign markets that inflate the profits of oligarchs and instead reinvest in America by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, reducing market barriers and committing to giving grants and zero-interest loans to entrepreneurs who are able to provide proof of concept that will benefit the communities where they live

For too long, we’ve allowed multinational corporations and their plutocrat owners to set policies that enrich them and impoverish us. We must stop to this war on workers and small businesses and reinvest in the people. #Fikre4VA