Teddy Fikre: Why You Should Vote for Me on Nov. 8, 2022

Hello fellow residents of the 8th Congressional District, for many of you, most likely, this is the first time you have been made aware of my campaign and heard of my name. That is to be expected as I’ve been running a campaign that is far from conventional. Whereas the typical political playbook demands raising fortunes in order to blanket the airwaves and roadways with ads and inundate mailboxes with flyers, I made a decision to try something different when I was contemplating running for Congress.

After witnessing one politician after another promising to deliver change only to become part and parcel of the very status quo they ran against, I realized that the only way we can restore representative government in DC is by running an authentically organic campaign as an independent and not taking a penny from corporations and special interests. I did this so I could focus my campaign on overcoming social and political divides instead of pitting people against each other the way both political parties have and continue to do…continued…

This is an excerpt from an open letter that was just published at Arlington Now, CLICK HERE to read full article.

Teddy is running a campaign unlike any other, instead of trying to join the system, he became a candidate to give people a true alternative to the status quo that is working for none except the wealthiest fraction of society.

So far, only 20% of the people in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District have cast their ballots, if you appreciate the truly inclusive and inspiring campaign that Teddy is running, we ask you to get behind this “David vs Goliath” endeavor and get the word out. Teddy often states that people power is can more than match the wealth of plutocrats, let us come together, stop being divided based on our differences and truly cast a vote for change by electing someone who doesn’t have to “feel our pains” because he lives our reality. #Fikre4VA

Listen to the conversation that Teddy shared with students at Alexandria City High School, formerly TC Williams, to find out more about Teddy’s campaign and what compelled him to run for Congress.