Tik Tok: It’s Time for Authentic Change

Given Teddy’s decision to run as an independent and take exactly $0.00 from corporations, our campaign will succeed only if we are able to capture the imagination of every American and inspire people to come together by transcending our differences. Entrenched forces and entrenched interests will not cede their stranglehold on our government, they have to be moved by a broad coalition of Americans who refuse to fall into the “us versus them” trap that is set for us by the political and punditry class.

To this end, the emerging generation, those in college, high school and younger, is a vital part of our aim to disturb the status quo and ensure that We the People finally have representation in our nation’s capital instead of being ignored by the ruling class. Multinational corporations and their billionaire swindlers have 435 Representatives and 100 Senators in the US Capitol, it is time for us to finally have ONE seat at the table. Frequently ignored and their needs overlooked, it is time to pay attention to the youth because failing the Joshua generation is not an option.

Consequently, this afternoon, we recorded our campaign’s first TikTok video as we launched our presence on that social media platform. Teddy believes that change happens locally, that is why he is all about empower our communities. However, just as important is reaching people beyond Virginia and turning a local election into a national referendum on the status quo.

In fact, tomorrow Teddy will be releasing the next plank of his campaign platform which will focus on protecting our children from the criminal negligence of corporations that prey on them from the time they crawl as they are fed toxic food and information that has untold ramifications. Children are our nation’s greatest national treasure, we should do better by them then to turn kids into fodder for Wall Street’s gluttony.

Below is our first campaign video, if you are on TikTok, make sure to follow us @Fikre4VA and share the video below. Let us use social media not to feed into the distractions of the establishment but to bring public awareness to the issues that really matter to us.


I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District to ensure that We the People finally have ONE seat at the table in DC. Find out more about my campaign by going to www.Fikre4VA.com. #Fikre4VA #Fikre4Congress #Virginia #Politics #Government

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