Had Enough? Here is the Solution—We are the Change We Have Been Waiting For

It has become an American tradition as timeless as apple pies and baseball, every four years the same Democrats and Republicans who are feeding us to the wolves on Wall Street and enriching globalist oligarchs at our expense come around promising hope and change. They spew poll-tested rhetoric and gaslight us into thinking that fairness and equality for all is right around the corner only to forget about us and work slavishly for special interests and their billionaire masters the minute the last vote has been counted.

Remember the promised “affordable healthcare” that was supposed to “bend the cost curve” only to be delivered a repackaged Romneycare that did nothing to roll back ever increasing medical costs? Remember “no more wars” that morphed into never ending wars of choice? Remember “make America great” that balkanized our country into warring factions while expanding the wealth gap and magnifying the social divides? 

Well, they are back at it again as incumbents and aspiring political careerists are broadcasting their vacuous talking points all over cable news and social media outlets in the hopes of hoodwinking just enough voters to get elected. It would be laughable if it were not so malicious, Democrats are yet again leveraging the pains of marginalized communities as shields to protect themselves and bash their critics all while keeping the status quo in place. Not to be outdone, Republicans are ludicrously presenting themselves as the party of the working class and pretending that they are the torchbearers of Jesus while carrying the water of the neo-aristocracy. 

It is easy to rail against this theater of the absurd that is presented to us as a “representative democracy”—as if a cabal of millionaires working for billionaires represent the lived experiences of everyday Americans—but in truth, I do not blame the two political parties and opportunists who crave to join their ranks. After all, like Maya Angelou said, “when they show you who they are, believe them”. By now, the vast majority of Americans realize that establishment politicians have zero interest in looking out for their constituents.

The Democrats and Republican parties will not change irrespective of how many new demagogues we keep electing. The same way injecting new blood in a cadaver does not bring the dead body back to life, neither will sending the latest token politician to DC revive our democracy. What we need is a new approach instead of trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We must realize that neither party will truly deliver authentic change that will benefit the burdened 99%, they are duping us the same way Charlie kept being hoodwinked by Lucy when he lined up to kick the football only to end up flat on his tuchus.

The answer is to stop being played by their game and instead rewrite the rules so that we can reclaim our power as a people. Overall, that means being less dependent on bureaucrats in DC and multinational corporations and instead empower ourselves. Protesting and pleading to be recognized by the same institutions that are raking us over the coals and pillaging humanity for the sake of P/E ratios and EBITDA is like Jamie Lee Curtis negotiating with Michael Meyers on Halloween. We can do more with our wallets by shopping locally and reinvesting in our communities than we can ever hope to accomplish by begging narcissists in our nation’s capital and marauding profiteers to treat us fairly.

The same applies to this year’s election, instead of wasting ballots by voting for the same parties who are leading America and the global economy to the precipice, let us try something novel and declare our independence from both political parties and break the duopoly in the process. I am running for the US House of Representatives as an Independent in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District for this very reason. Not only do I refuse to be a partisan, I will not take a penny from corporations so that I can fiercely advocate for workers and small businesses and champion the rights of the poor.

It goes without saying that I have an up-mountain challenge, I am going to face a four-term incumbent by the name of Donald Beyer who is worth north of $123 million. He has the name ID, access to mainstream media and a full staff while I enter the race unknown, zero political connections and a staff of two. But I have something that Mr. Beyer doesn’t have, a narrative that people can connect with and an empathy borne out of enduring the very struggles that are the new norms for the vast majority of people in my district and America writ large.

If you are happy with skyrocketing inflation, paying $100 for a few bags of groceries and working endlessly only to see your quality of life go in reverse, you can vote for my opponent Donald Beyer. If, on the other hand, you are tired of money trumping merit and fed up with the same privileged politicians pretending to feel our pains when they are actually enabling the sources of iniquity that are exacerbating social strife and worsening our financial anxieties, I am asking for your support and your vote.

I believe that the energy of people can overcome the money of billionaires. Join this David vs Goliath endeavor that I am on and invest your ideas, spirit and money as you are able in order to give our campaign the boost we need to compete with Mr. Beyer. It doesn’t take much for a campaign or a cause to catch fire. I’ve often said give me a dozen people of various skillsets and ideas working together for a common objective and we can change the world. If you want to be a part of our campaign and be an advocate who will amplify our message, email us at [email protected].

There are other ways to be involved without being directly plugged into our campaign, as most know, social media platforms are deploying their algorithms with ruthless efficiency to silence dissenting voices and suppress anyone who challenges their preferred media narratives. If you believe that this year’s election should be truly competitive and that merit matters more than money, take a second to text and email this article to your family, friends, co-workers and beyond and tell them about our campaign and our platform. Of course, continue to share this website and our articles on social media, even if they are suppressing independent candidates, they can’t silence all of us.

We have a choice before us, we can keep voting the same way only to complain once the politicians we voted for get to DC and do the opposite of what they promised or we can fundamentally alter our political system by voting out as many Democrat and Republicans as possible and replacing them with Independent public servants. I hope we do the latter because we cannot afford another term of do-nothing for us and do everything for plutocrats Congress. 

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” ~ Lao Tzu