We Built U.S.

We Built U.S. is a nod to Americans, from students, workers, small business owners, retired individuals and all in between, as we pay homage to who truly made America amazing—We the People. Going forward, pictures that contain #Fikre4VA #Fikre4Congress will be highlighted on this page. In this way, our supporters and the growing number of people who visit our website will be able to know about the amazing work that people in Virginia and beyond are doing while allowing us to spread our campaign message of unity overcoming division.

Today’s Feature Post






Contrary to the talking points of one too many politicians, it was not multinational corporations or billionaires that made America amazing, it was workers and small business owners who built this blessed land with sacrifice and hard work. Our nation became the beacon of the world because people from all over the world migrated—most by choice, some by force—and arrived here intent on attaining the American dream and giving their children a future of opportunity.

If we are to preserve the American dream for future generations, we must do so by restoring fairness by ensuring an equality of opportunity for all Americans. Doing so requires us to minimize our dependency on multinational corporations and the outsourcing of our power to DC bureaucracies and instead reinvest in our communities by building and consuming locally. The key is empowering individuals and families so that workers can retain more of our earnings and unleashing the ingenuity of entrepreneurs so they can launch small businesses with jobs that pay better than those offered by big conglomerations.