Why I Chose to Run for Congress: A Healing Conversation About Overcoming Traumas

A couple of days ago, I shared a most profound conversation with Adey Chekol, the host of Breath Again, a podcast about mental wellness and healing. I opened up about my own journey of healing from childhood traumas I experienced to hardships I’ve overcome as an adult. At the core, my aim is not to become a politician but to turn politics on its head so we can normalize healing conversations like the one I shared with Adey. Listen to this podcast below to get a fuller understanding of why I chose to run for Congress.

When you get a minute, please follow Adey on Instagram and make sure to subscribe to her podcast on iTunes. Instead of consuming the politics of division and empowering narcissists who thrive by inciting our emotions, let us support empathic thinkers who are intent on leading healing conversations.